Truflex Draper Heads

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Truflex - Draper Heads

Model Working Width (m) Reel Type Frame Type Cutter Bar Type
Flex 30 9.2 Solid Rigid Flexible
Flex 35 10.7 3-section Flexible Rigid
Flex 40 12.2 3-section Flexible Rigid

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Product Description

Suitable for a variety of crops

Geringhoff’s line of draper heads (Flex, TruFlex, TruFlex Razor) harvest all cereals, canola, soybean and specialty crops like peas, lentils, lupine and more – adapting perfectly to the field conditions of the individual crops.

Truly precise yet gentle drapers

Sensitive crops present a special challenge to today’s heads. Heads that cut almost at ground level make the difference, minimizing losses and ensuring consistent crop flows. The Flex, TruFlex, and TruFlex Razor bring a new dimension to flotation cutting.

Engineered to cut closer

There’s no such thing as a perfectly uniform or evenly contoured field. That’s why all Geringhoff draper heads utilize precision German engineering, paired with advanced technology, to provide a trouble free harvest.

From the frame and bodywork to the flip-over wheel and cutting system, our Flex, TruFlex, and TruFlex Razor flex where it counts so every contour of your field is easily traversed and cut razor-close.