Dogo Horizontal Mixers

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Dogo Horizontal Mixers

Versions: MT (no rear silage cutter)
Volum (m3): 22-25-28
Mixing: 1 cutting-mixing botton auger, 2 mixing upper side augers
Unloading: by PVC conveyor belt

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Product Description

The DOGO mixer wagon is the natural evolution of the experience gained from previous horizontal mixing machines (Alano, Boxer, Bulldog, Labrador and Husky), from which the best features are highlighted:

  • soft and homogeneous mixing thanks to the new multiflow mixing auger 1100mm diameter
  • two top counter rotating augers with blades
  • rapid cutting of fodder
  • heavy duty gearbox
  • easy and fast maintenance
  • unique cubic sizes in the market
  • front right discarge with pvc belt

The Dogo represents a reliable and versatile high capacity horizontal machine  to reach better performances.