Husky Horizontal Mixers

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Husky Horizontal Mixers

Versions: MT (Without rear desillator) DS (with rear desillator)
Volume (m3): 5-12-16
Mixing: Three horizontal augers, one lower and two upper
Unloading: PVC mat, right front door

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Product Description

The HUSKY mixer wagon represents the natural evolution of the experience acquired with the previous horizontal mixing machines (Alano, Boxer, Bulldog, Labrador), of which it exalts the best qualities:

• extraordinary homogeneity of mixing
• rapid cutting of forages
• milling cutter universal for any product
• lower tractor power required
• minimized maintenance
• compact dimensions and possibility of use for small rations with a fluid, constant and complete discharge

With its wide range of models and options available, the Husky is an excellent solution for a mix of very high quality, reduced times and labor costs and an efficient use of the fewest machines and men dedicated to feeding. In addition to the 2019 version there are also two more cubatures, the 21 and 24mc.